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Solar Water Heater

Salient feature of evacuated tube collector solar water heater:

Greatest absorption area per day, up to 94% auto sun tracking collection.
Minimum heat loss from the system due to evacuated tubes & puf insulated storage tank
Better performance in winter & cloudy days.
Hard water/ scalling does not corrode the etc tubes
Maintenance free, easy to clean
Compact size-low height, eazy to install & transportation
Inner/outer tank is made of ss 304 grade stainless steel for longer life
Thermostat electrical backup for non-sunny days
Outer cladding of storage tank is mirror finished stainless steel
Evacuated tube collector solar water heater

Building Management System

BMS controllers has capability to control and monitor all mechanical and electrical system, including cooling/heating system, pumps, tanks, lifts, lighting controls. The mechanical and electrical system shall be monitored and controlled by Android device which connected to the Wifi, get alert by means of email, text message (SMS), voice call and more.

Higher End Controller and Technology
S-Bus Communication
Wi-fi Accessibility
Controlled by android device and IR Controller
All alarms trigger corrective action
Energy optimization and trending
Set point adjustment
Controlled by remote SMS
Timing Control
Infrared sensing control
Easy cabling, Convenient maintenance
Good energy saving effect
Centralized control

Solar Water Pumping System

The e-lux solar water pumping system is the perfect compact solution for pumping water from the borewell, openwell, lake, river or stream to the ground level. The pumped water can be used right away or stored in remote locations. The solar PV modules in this system generate DC eletricity which is feed into a pump through a controller. This solar water pumping system offers very high reliability, minimum maintenance and a long service life.