Who We Are?

Global Credential technology

Our vision, global approach, and research help us in delivering world-class solutions with a high degree of innovation and quality. We rely on cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the highest degree of quality standards. At e-luxenergy systems, we believe that much more than just good product are needed to maximize your energy efficiency. We have been partners with some of the largest high tech companies in the world like Solar frontier, japan for the supply of thin-film solar panels.

With innovation, Experience and Vision

e-lux solar has outperformed the market and brought down the cost of energy by 54.15 percent in the last two years.
Reliable: A blend of technology and highly experienced Operations and Maintenance team ensures flawless operation of the installed system.

Why e-luxenergy solar?

There are many benefits that come with the installation of a solar power system.

An e-lux solar system will reduce the electricity overhead cost of the facility, which is a significant overhead expense for most facilities.
Assured availability of uninterrupted power supply with lower overhead costs.
e-lux are leaders in solar technology. We can design a system to meet your usage profile and your budget.
Creates a high visible statement as to your sustainability commitment.
Very low maintenance

Core Value


To be the lowest coat power with the best quality.


Affordable solar power for generation.

Solar power is a cost-efficive way to tackle the problem of climate change and energy crisis.
Solar power is most suitable for distributed generation because the plant can be installed in small increment to match the load required of match the load requirement of the customer.


Bridge Energy Deficit solar energy has the capital to bridge the energy deficit, which india is facing due to increasing demand.

Expanding india's Solar Perspective


Soalr power is the most favourable alternative to diesel and kerosene sourses whose consumption in india is amongst the highest in the world.

ISO Certificate