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e-luxenergy will help you to reduce the use of kseb electicity.

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e-luxenergy solar for Generations with Affordable Solar Power

Every hour, the sun emits energy on to earth to satisfy more than global energy needs for an entire year. Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun's energy and make it usable. Today, the whole world is facing the threat of exhaustion of conventional sources of energy. Sun, being the biggest power plant in the galaxy, is always available to provide clean and reliable energy to the world. Here is an interesting fact "Energy output of 1 Kilo Watt solar energy is roughly equivalent to the burning of 170 pounds of coal and realising of 300 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere". Thus, solar energy is a non-polluting, viable and renewable source of energy that keeps our environment free from carbon dioxide the most active agent of global warming which causes unfavourable climatic changes. Solar power, along with other renewable sources of energy, will shape the future of the earth

Powering Utilities

Unique advanatges of using e-lux Solar
Solar-based solution for agricultural sector
Sustainable energy support for Domestic and Commercial establishment

Empowering Rural lndia

Solution for energy security
Cleaner alternative to diesel
Sustainable rooftop solution
Predictable pricing over long tensure
Achievement of green rating (LEEDs) for companies
Green and Energy Efficient buildings.