Our Process

Site Visit &

Visit the site and plan the system procedure.

Usage analysis

Study and analysis the usage of eletricity by client.

System output

Calculate and take the system requirement to the client

Quotation &

Implement the system and ensure the usage of solar.

System Sizing

A custom designed system will ensure the best financial return for you. When sizing a solar power system electricity unit pricing need to be considered

System Components

Solar Panels

Our panels are supplied by Solar frontier, Japan Tier 1 panel manufacturer which has been manufacturing solar panels for over 40 years. The other componenets, including inverters, mounting equipment and cable are sourced from manufacturers that have obtained all relevant accreditation, including IEC, CEC with a minimum of 3 years warranties.


Leading-edge Technology
DC input voltage upto 100v
Dual MPPT inputs accommodating wide voltage range
Maximun Efficiency 90%
Integrated DC switch
Built to Last

Automatic protection including over voltage, islanding, short circuit, overload and under voltage, under load, etc 2 years stardard warranty

How does Solar Works?

A typical solar power system consists of the following componenets :

Photovoltanic modules

Also know as solar panels; directly convert energy in the form of sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity energy.


An inverter changes the solar DC power into 220V alternating current (AC), enabling it to be used at your facility and exported to the grid